General information


Whilst we suggest that all clients have their pets insured we cannot recommend any one particular company. With this in mind we have listed a few points that you may wish to consider when choosing an insurance company.

Life Long Cover:- The animal is covered for life for the same condition. The insurance company will continue to pay the claims and take an excess each policy year. The premiums tend to be slightly more than others.

12 Month Cover:- Even though the policy holder can renew their insurance year after year, the animal will only be covered for 12 months once the condition has started. This causes a problem for long term treatment.

If you decide to change insurance companies and you have already made a claim for a condition with your existing company then that condition will be classed as pre existing and will be excluded from your new policy.

Insurance companies can request clinical notes at any time and by law we have to supply them.

Payment of your account is required at the time of treatment or at the end of a course of treatment.

If it is agreed by a Director that an insurance claim can be made ‘direct to practice’ then we require you to pay the excess before the claim is sent to the insurers. We may require you to contact your insurance company to ascertain the correct amount of excess, as this can vary greatly between insurers, age of animal, type of policy etc.

Once payment is received from your insurance company against your claim, you will be liable to pay for any outstanding items that are non-claimable.

We aim to submit insurance claims within 14 days from receipt of form.


A full 24 hour emergency service is provided 365 days a year with at least one veterinary surgeon and nurse from our practice on call for emergencies.

You will always be seen at our main surgery in Petersfield where we can access your pet’s history and have all diagnostic equipment readily available.

  • Petersfield Tel:01730 266431
  • Horndean Tel: 023 9259 2526
  • Liss Tel: 01730 894222