Create a refuge:

  • Somewhere where your dog feels comfortable during fireworks
  • Usually involves being ‘hidden’
  • Either where your dog tends to go to each time or create a new place for them
    • If creating a new place encourage your dog to spend time there a few times a day from at least 2 weeks before fireworks are due to start
  • Needs to be in a place where outside noises are quiet – for example consider:
    • As few windows as possible, preferably double glazed
    • Corners are quieter
    • Behind/under heavy furniture
  • Provide heavy blankets for your dog to burrow under
  • If your dog usually likes to get behind a piece of furniture make sure it is accessible, for example pull it further forward
  • Leave an item of clothing in the refuge, preferably unwashed so it has your scent
  • Provide food, water, chews etc in the refuge

Use Adaptil:

  • Synthetic pheromone of the pheromone secreted by nursing bitches
  • Helps to calm dogs
  • Diffuser – use in room your dog will spend most of their time in and in refuge area (if not the same place)
  • Spray – use on blankets in the refuge (spray onto blanket 20mins before place in refuge, can respray new blanket every 2 hours and exchange for old one)

On the day:

  • AM: walk your dog – plenty of exercise
  • AN HOUR BEFORE DISPLAY DUE TO START: take your dog outside on lead (in case they are startled); Close windows and pull curtains before it gets dark; Prepare refuge with food, water, chews, toys, clothing etc (see above); Put on music – quietly, preferably music with a fairly strong beat

While fireworks occurring:

  • Try to remain happy and relaxed
  • Ignore bangs and whistles
  • NEVER get cross with your dog when they’re frightened – ignore them
  • Give attention if your dog is relaxed (not reassurance) – Eg. play game or practise training (with rewards)
  • If your dog is very frightened take them to the refuge (if they’re not already there) and stay with them quietly

After display finished:

  • Take outside on lead
  • Praise if does anything while outside, if doesn’t because your dog is still too scared provide newspaper overnight for dog to use if necessary