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Female dog neutering; the spay operation perfomed by laparoscopy; a new “keyhole” approach.

For many years, vets have recommended that, unless there are plans to breed from her, a female dog should be neutered at a young age to remove the risk of some diseases.
For this reason vets regularly perform the spay operation on female dogs. St Peter’s Vets in Petersfield and Horndean has recently introduced a new procedure for female dogs – the laparoscopic spay operation. Following the purchase of special equipment the practice is now able to offer this service to its clients.

Many people will be aware of an increasing use of laparoscopy in surgery in human medicine. The main reasons for this technique being used are that laparoscopy is a less invasive method of surgery, the operation tends to be shorter and recovery from the operation is quicker. The same is true in animals.

Although the practice expects to be in a position to offer a range of operations by laparoscopy, the spay operation in the female dog is the predominant laparoscopic operation that it will be carrying out.

The operation is carried out at Petersfield only. Rather than a 6-12cm incision being made to open the abdomen, three small holes allow the surgeon to view the internal organs with a digital camera and to carry out the spay.

Hence this procedure is simpler compared with the normal method, so our patients tend to be up and about quicker and keen to carry on with their energetic lives.

The practice does not recommend the procedure for very small dogs (less than 10Kg weight) or those that are very overweight.

For dogs spayed by this method there is a supplemental fee to cover the higher cost of the equipment and the more complicated sterilising procedures.

If you would like to learn more about the laparoscopic spay operation, please contact the practice who will be happy to discuss the procedure further.