Pricing (as of 1st April 2024)

Puppy/Dog PricingPrice
Initial Consultation          £58.20  
Puppy/ Dog Vaccination Course                                                                     £84.00
Dog Annual Booster  £75.60
Dog Castrate*£300.00 – £420.00
Bitch Spay*£360.00 – £480.00
Laparoscopic Spay*  £600.00 – £720.00  

*Dependent on weight

Kitten/Cat Pricing

Kitten/Cat PricingPrices
Initial Consultation£58.20
Kitten/ Cat Vaccination Course                                                                            £88.80
Cat Annual Booster£75.60
Cat Castrate£78.00
Cat Spay£96.00


Rabbit Pricing

Rabbit PricingPrices
Initial Consultation£47.30
Myxo/ RHD PLUS Vaccine                                                                                             £68.09
Rabbit Castrate£78.00
Rabbit Spay    £119.58    


Consultation Check-Up£50.40
Consultation New Pet Check£43.00
Consultation Out of Hours (Before 11pm)                                                           £204.00
Consultation Out of Hours (After 11pm)£261.90
Consultation Sunday Morning£116.40
New Client Registration Fee Out of Hours£55.00
Written Prescription£12.00
Rabies Vaccination£70.31
Direct Claim Admin Fee         £25.00

*Prices correct as of 1st April 2024 – Prices are subject to change without notice*